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According to the U.S. Small Business Administration and a study conducted by the Fauffmann Foundation, the average cost of opening your own business is $50,000. This means that starting your own business can cost a similar amount to franchising with Bloomin’ Blinds, so we believe it’s important to understand the difference in what you’ll be getting for the money you invest. All business decisions have a financial component. We want you to know exactly what it will cost to franchise with Bloomin’ Blinds.


Type of Expenditure



Initial Franchise Fee



Start-Up Expense Fee



Market Introduction Program



Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment



Computer Systems









Vehicle Signage



Office Expenses



Licenses and Permits



Professional Fees






Initial Training



Additional funds






The Costs of Opening a Business

When you start your own business from scratch, your money is spent on things like market research, scouting potential locations, developing advertising, training employees, and paying fees for consultants such as business professionals, lawyers, and accountants.

While the cost of opening a Bloomin' Blind franchise can be similar to the cost of opening your own business, what you’re getting for your money is vastly different.

When you choose to franchise, you get support, systems, and marketing that Bloomin’ Blinds has already developed for you! This can help you launch more quickly than starting a business on your own. In most cases, Bloomin’ Blinds franchisees can be up and running in fewer than 90 days.

What You Get for Your Money

Opening your own business means starting from scratch. You’ll encounter plenty of trial and error and a great deal of risk. While there is a financial investment with both avenues, franchising with Bloomin’ Blinds allows you to invest your money in systems that have already been tested and proven over time. This allows you to get out of the weeds and into your business-as-usual as quickly as possible. The franchising fee covers your hotel stay for three weeks of training, your initial inventory of parts ($2,500 value), and your initial marketing budget for your Grand Opening ($3,000 - PPC, Home Advisor, Newspaper, etc.). Bloomin' Blinds also offers in-house financing for up to $15,000 of the franchise fee.

Interested in learning more about franchising with Bloomin’ Blinds? Contact us today at (888) 772-7439 to discuss costs, territories, and how you can benefit!

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    "Franchising with Bloomin’ Blinds was the best decision I have ever made. The corporate office really helps to get your business started and money coming in."
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    "Business model works. Generates recurring business and repeat customers..."
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    "Just to throw in my two cents I just finished an $8,000 shutter order for a customer who I repaired a few blinds for a few years back. His exact words were “you did such a great job helping us with our last house we knew we would only use you for our ..."

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